Monday, July 28, 2008

Still knitting away...

Work on my Marmee cardigan is progressing well, although I'm not thrilled to be knitting with the Paton's Merino Delux. It is very splitty and my knitting is not as even as usual. I'm not sure if that is because I'm knitting on bamboo circulars for the first time. I've finished the back and fronts and one sleeve. Not much more to go.

I've been looking for sewing patterns and working on what will be next in my knitting queue. I've ordered some Naomi Ito sewing pattern books from Amazon Japan and I'm hoping I can decipher them. If not I'll send pages to my sister in Japan for translation!

The materials are so lovely, there is a large range at Purl Soho and a small range at Duckcloth. I can't exactly tell what all the books are, so it's going to be a bit of a lucky dip, but this is the one that started it all.

I've also ordered this kit, as I'm desperate for a warm winter hat, as well as a scarf, some mittens and a vest for Michael.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What a week!

Two new finished objects!

First of all I've finished my Laurie/Hannah from Louisa Harding's Summer Classics! I love it! It has worked out perfectly and in the cold, wet weather in Melbourne at the moment, it's fabulous!

The yarn is Filatura Di Crosa Zara, shade 1757. I've already machine washed it and, as usual, it has come out beautifully soft and cosy.

Then in two evenings I knitted Michael's second Piper Hat from Jo Sharps Contemporary Knitting 1. Despite the usual construction problems from a rather poorly written pattern, it has come out exactly like the first...way too big for my head, but perfect for Michael's noggin!

The yarn is Jo Sharp Classic DK , shade Nasturtium 343. Again it has been washed and blocked ready for him to wear. So now I can put the other one in the wash!

I've cast on for my Marmee cardigan, again from Louisa Harding's Summer Classics in Patons Merino Deluxe DK on a circular bamboo needle as yet again I broke my casein needles ( I got through about one pair every two projects). I'm a loose knitter, I don't know what I do! It is progressing well and the fabric feels lovely. Leonie at Wool Baa has already knitted a project in this yarn and has started another.

Monday, July 14, 2008

..and sews...

...well sort of...

With much trepidation, I've been talked into sewing with some lovely material I bought with Miss Katie at Astratex in Richmond. Confronted with the pattern and the material, I got cold feet and I've ordered both Wendy Mullin's books from Amazon and now I'm waiting for them to arrive before I start cutting out the fabric. I might change my mind and make something from her book rather than the beautiful, but I've discovered much harder than it looks, Issey Miyake Vogue pattern I bought. Here's the material and the pattern, of course in my new favourite colour, purple!

The red/black mesh was to make the contrast panels and the back, but I think I might wait to see about making a Sew U top and skirt with the material...I've been getting my inspiration from the flickr built by us pool, so now I'll just have to sit and wait!

Work on my Laurie jumper was progressing well with one sleeve finished and sewn in until last night when I knitted most of the second sleeve before realising I'd forgotten the decreases before the underarm...oh well, at least I don't have to re-do the cuff! Michael is impatient for his second Piper hat, so I'll be working on that next.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Laurie, no sorry, Hannah...

I've been knitting away solidly and I finished the Hannah neckline on my Laurie jumper this morning. I'm really happy with the result when I tried on the body today. It is short, but it should be OK. I knitted the neck with 2.75mm needles, my usual size down from the recommended needle to get the correct gauge. I'm not sure how I'll face the lace on the bottom of the sleeves, so maybe I can knit Michael's Piper had instead for a bit of a break?