Monday, September 15, 2008

Japanese Sewing Books for Sale!

I've got more than I can hope to here they are!

$20.00 (Australian) each including postage within Australia...if you want me to send one overseas...let me know and I'll send you a postage quote.

All patterns are intact, some have their pattern sheets loose, but still included. All of the books have come from Japan in the past two months. All the books are in Japanese, but there are plenty of diagrams to help. Two of the books don't have full size patterns, but have the measurement in metric so that you can scale up your patterns.

Dress made of my favorite cloth by Machiko Kayaki SOLD
Dresses, shirts, vests, coats and jackets

Cotton and Linen SOLD
Again a real mix of pants, tops, shirts and dresses

Stylish dress book SOLD
Dresses and shirts

Sewing Recipe SOLD
A real how to book with great photos of all the steps. Tops, shirts, dresses.

Everyday tops and dresses SOLD
Yes, that's about it!

Everyday pants

Pants (both mens and womens)
Fantastic range of pants with great suggestions (I guess) on what is the best fit for your body type.

Lace and Buttons (this book does not have full size patterns, but has cutting layouts with pattern measurements for you to draft your own) Tops and dress patterns with heaps of ideas for embellishing shoes, tops, bags and clothes generally.

Dresses (again, this book does not have full size patterns, but has cutting layouts with pattern measurements for you to draft your own). Lots of different more formal dresses.

If you have any questions, send me an email or post a comment. Happy shopping!


Yes, Michael's vest is finished!

And I've also finished my Juliet Scarf...I love Karabella Boise, it is soft and it doesn't itch!

I've knitted another Juliet Scarf in Louisa Harding's Angora Pure and I think the stitch definition is better in Boise.

I started quickly knitting my second fitted jumper from Louisa Harding's Modern Classics before winter really ends in Melbourne. This is knitting up beautifully in Karabella Margrite.

And clearly in the grip of a very green moment, I've started working on my Hobo bag by Norah Gaughan from Knit Knit. For some reason I thought it might be nice to knit it in Habu Textiles Fique, but my fingers are not so sure...