Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Knitting

I went away last weekend and I might have overdone casting on new projects, without finishing anything!

Clockwise from left: Reef from Ondine, Tuesday from Blue Monday, Breaker from Ondine, and the sleeves of Mandarin from Chinoiserie, all by Louisa Harding and all in Adorn Yarns Cotton Cashmere, except Tuesday which is in Adorn Yarns Silky Merino DK. Now I just have to finish them!


  1. I like this picture! It shows what we all have lurking in our knitting baskets ;o) What a fun weekend it looks like. Although if that's a weekend's work, you're way more productive than I am.

  2. Oh, yes! Except my knitting basket has exploded to fill two shopping bags!