Monday, January 12, 2009

You have some good days and you have some bad days...

First the good days. I've nearly mastered the shirt pattern in Wendy Mullin's Built by U and these are the two shirts I've done so far. For both shirts the material is from the remnant table at Astratex, around $20 each from memory.

I cut a large for this one and it was too big, so I took in the waist darts all around.

For this one I cut a medium, but fiddled with the button facings, so the front is a bit tight. I also did the collar without a stand and a little fixed cuff, both made from the white selvedge of the material, loosely based on Burdastyle's Emily Variation.

I'm happy with both of them, and hopefully I get it totally right the third time around!

On the other hand

I've just finished labouring over my square neck cardigan from Rowan Studio 11. The yarn is lovely and soft, but tedious to knit with as it splits very easily. I put it on after I finished it and it was beautiful, so I washed it and blocked it. Now it has grown at least two sizes and falls off my shoulders and is quite immodest at the front!

I'm so unhappy with it. I'm tempted just to throw it out, but I put so much work into it. I even knitted a size too small as I suspected the yarn would grow, but not that much! If I'd wanted a shapeless tent, I could have sewn a much prettier shapeless tent that didn't fall off my shoulders or sag at the front! I've damped it down and blocked it again, but I think it's just growing!


  1. oh, you poor thing!
    what a disaster...
    [can you, um, shrink it in the washing machine??]

  2. Thanks Kirsten!

    I thought about that and I've been doing a bit of research and I think I've discovered that washing and machine drying will only make it grow further. I'm tempted to wash it in hot water to see what can't get much worse! Jane