Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shopping Bags

I've been madly crocheting shopping bags from my Habu Fique (which is ruining my hands and nails and I'm really happy to see the end of it). I've made five Anyone for oranges? Market bags by Sharon Maher

and one small Elisa's Nest Tote from the Purl Bee.

The trim for all the bags was some left over Jo Sharp DK Cotton. An excellent stash-busting exercise yielding some lovely Christmas presents! I'm going to knit another Elisa's Nest Tote in my left over bright orange Jaeger Aqua just for me.


  1. incredibly hard on your hands, isn't it?
    i don't think i would want to tackle another crochet project with it although it was interesting to use.

  2. Oh, yes, although knitting was worse than crochet, but I agree that it's a really interesting yarn to use. I'm thinking of using it as edging in some of my art pieces after I've forgotten how tough it is.