Monday, August 11, 2008

Lots of parcels!

All my internet shopping has been delivered! First to arrive was these beautiful Habu textiles yarns, perhaps for Louisa Harding's Kitty (from Summer Classics).

Some more Habu for Norah Gaughan's Missing Piece Hobo Bag from Knit Knit.

Some Karabella Margrite for another Louisa Harding pattern, the fitted sweater in Modern Classics.

And finally my assortment of Japanese sewing patterns with some lovely projects which I'll get on to after I've worked out what the instructions are!

I finished my Ana hat and I love it! I changed the way it was finished off at the back a bit so that it looks more 'cloche' than 'bandana'.

But work progresses slowly on Michael's vest...


  1. Hi, just discovered your blog and love your work. I am drooling over all that new yarn, and the Marmee is superb. Wow!

  2. Thanks sooz! It's a bit daunting to have so many things to work on, but all the yarns are so lovely!