Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes, I do...

I knit a lot, many things I knit I give away as presents, but some of the finished garments I are a few that I've knitted over the past few years. Ms Anouk above is modelling her sweater from Suss Cousins Hollywood Knits Style.

First is Michael's jumper knitted for his birthday two years ago, the yarn is Zara and the pattern is Ramona from Rowan Magazine 39 without all the decoration and with a rib and roll collar.

This is another old favourite knitted again in Zara. This is my Sex in the City jacket, I kind of copied it from one Carrie was wearing with a vintage dress. I made the pattern up from Amanda Griffith's one thousand sweaters with the detail pattern from the Lion Brand website.

Here is my new favourite yarn, Naturally ME merino and cashmere, in my new favourite colour, purple. This is the shrug Glint from Kim Hargreaves' new book Nectar. As I used a DK yarn instead of Worsted I adapted the guage to make it work. It's quite tight on me, but that's how I wanted it, more like a regency jacket (a la Jane Austen).

And then there is the wrap from Louisa Harding's Dauphine, Rose. As I can't wear anything scratchy, I've knitted it in Colinette Giotto in the shade Ischia 131 with Louisa Harding's Glisten and Kimono Ribbon for the flowers. I only knitted half the number of flowers as I didn't want them around my neck. The buttons come from Button Mania in Melbourne. I didn't worry too much about the guage and two skeins of the Colinette gave me a wrap of about two metres long.

And now I'm working on Laurie from Louisa Harding's Summer Classics, again in Zara. I'm a loose knitter and I had to go down to 3.25mm needles for the lace as my first go was really sloppy. The pattern calls for a cotton mix which wouldn't have as much give as pure wool and I'm happy with the back I've completed. The knit 3 togethers are a pain, especially as I use bendy timber grain needles!

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