Monday, March 18, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Handmakers Factory

I put my hand up to be a guest blogger on Handmakers Factory and I've just had my first post published. So exciting! You can find it here. And there will be more to come!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Missy Higgins wears Ms Jane...

Well, one of my sweaters knitted for Julia's short film Lily has popped up in Missy Higgins video clip for her new single Hello Hello,  also directed by Karsimir Burgess (thanks Julia!).

You can see the whole video on EW here.


Yes, another birthday party for Michael...and a fantastic first outing for the 10 glass yogurt pots I carried home from France packed with knitting yarn into shoes which were in turn packed into shoe boxes. More shopping to come...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tea and Cables

Teacup from Louisa Harding's Queen of Hearts knitted in Filatura di Crosa Golden Line Superior. This yarn is a beautiful mix of cashmere and silk and held double knits up in this pattern really quickly and is so soft and light (the whole garment without buttons weighs less than 85 grams!

The pattern is very easy and I think I might make a few more, one in orange, one in grey and one in bright that wrong?

Yes, cotton stripe knit top (Sew U Home Stretch boat neck top by Wendy Mullins) and blue stretch denim skirt (Vogue 8604) are from Tessuti.

Teva Durham's Asymmetrical Cable Pullover looked a daunting project, but was really quite easy. I don't like reverse stocking stitch which the pattern specified for the whole garment, so I knitted regular stocking stitch, leaving one purl either side of each cable. The yarn is a silk/cotton mix called Birch also by Teva Durham; it's great to wear and washes beautifully in the machine. After knitting this I ordered more from for another Louisa Harding project.


Yes, it is and so is this Louisa Harding vest from Blue Monday in Willow Tweed. Sadly it makes me itch, so I'll be giving it away, but it was a really interesting, fun and easy knitting project!

Built by Wendy Dresses (and a coat)

Two work dresses I've been wearing to death and a coat drafted from the Sheath pattern in the dress book before the coat book came out, with the collar from the coat book. The faux fur was easy to work with, you just need to keep the vacuum cleaner handy! All material from Tessuti Melbourne.

First a cotton boat neck version of the deep impact dress with the skirt cut on the bias...the material was a remnant, about two metres.

Next up is a wool/cotton version of the sheath dress with a high waist tuck to stop it looking too much like a sack and a stand up collar. Used a bit more than two metres.

These are both work dresses for me and hilariously you can see me wearing this one in this video.

And my coat which I wore all winter, which took a bit more than two metre, plus a bit less than half a metre of faux fur. I didn't bother lining it as it's super warm and doesn't particularly itch on the wrong side.